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  S4 7.25
S5 酸辣湯 Spicy Sour Soup 7.95
  S6 餛飩湯 Wonton Soup 7.95
  S7 牛丸湯 辣/不辣 Beef Ball Soup /Spicy 7.95
  S8 豬丸湯 Pork Ball Soup 7.95
  S9 雙丸湯 辣/不辣 Beef and Pork Ball Soup /Spicy 7.95
  S10 玉米濃湯 Cream of Sweet Corn Soup 6.95
  S11 青菜素湯 Seasonal Vegetable Soup 7.25
  S12 青菜豆腐蛋花湯 Egg and Tofu Vegetable Soup 7.95
Noodle …The one and only
  N1 牛肉麵 辣/不辣 Braised Beef Flank with Noodle In Soup/Spicy 8.50
N2 牛筋麵 辣/不辣 Braised Beef Tendon with Noodle In Soup /Spicy 8.95
N3 半筋半肉麵 Braised Beef Flank &Tendon with Noodle In Soup 9.50
  N4 酸菜肉絲麵 Sour Mustard & Shredded Pork With Noodle In Soup 7.25
N5 炸醬麵 Dry Noodle With Ground Pork Sauce 7.25
N6 麻醬麵 Dry Noodle With Sesame Paste 7.25
  N7 雙醬麵 Dry Noodle With Ground Pork Sauce & Sesame Paste 8.25
N8 乾拌麵/辣/不辣 Dry Noodle With Special Beef Sauce Without Meat 7.75
N9 XO醬拌麵/辣 Dry Noodle With Special XO Sauce Without Meat /Spicy 8.95
  N10 牛肉乾麵/辣/不辣 Dry Noodle With Braised Beef Flank/Spicy 8.95
N11 牛肉丸麵/辣/不辣 Beef Ball with Noodle In Soup/ Spicy 7.95
  N12 豬肉丸麵 Pork Ball with Noodle In (pork or Beef) Soup 7.95
  N13 雙丸麵/辣/不辣 Beef Ball & Pork Ball with Noodle In Soup/Spicy 7.95
  N14 青菜素湯麵 Seasonal Vegetable with Noodle In Soup 7.25
  N15 一碗湯麵/辣/不辣 House Special Noodle Soup Without Meat 7.25
  N16 餛飩麵 The One Wonton Soup with Noodle 8.95
  N17 鹽酥雞麵 Deep Fried Chicken Nuggets with Noodle Soup 10.50
N18 川味担担麵 Szechwan Style Spicy Noodle (P) 8.50
N19 家常涼麵 (雞絲/牛肉絲) 8.95
N20 傻瓜乾麵 The One Home Style Spicy Noodle 7.50
若對任何食材過敏, 請告知點餐服務員.
Please notify your server of any allergies or specific preferences.
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