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  主廚精緻套餐 Meal The one and only
  炒飯 Fried Rice… The one and only
F1 16.88
  F2 雞絲炒飯 Chicken Fried Rice 15.88
  F3 15.88
  F6 香腸炒飯 Taiwanese Sausage Fried Rice 16.88
F7 XO醬炒飯 The One Special XO Sauce Fried Rice 17.88
  F8 古早味黑金炒飯 Country Style Fried Rice with Soy Sauce 15.88
  F9 甜不辣炒飯 Fish Cake Fried Rice 15.88
  F10 鹽酥雞炒飯 Deep Fried Chicken Nuggets Fried Rice 15.88
F11 宮寶雞丁炒飯 Hung-Paw Chicken Fried Rice (P) 16.88
  F12 蝦仁蛋炒飯(8pcs) Egg and Prawn Fried Rice (8pcs) 18.88
  F13 火腿蛋炒飯 Ham and Egg Fried Rice 17.88
  F14 夏威夷炒飯 Hawaiian Fried Rice (with Pineapple, Ham and Egg) 18.88
  炒麵 Fried Noodle… The one and only
1 16.88
2 16.88
3 19.88
4 18.88
5 18.88
6 19.88
  7 16.88
  8 16.88
  9 19.88
  10 16.88
11 17.88
  12 16.88
  13 19.88
  P1 餛飩鮮雞鍋 Taiwanese Wonton with Chicken Hot Pot 25.88
  P1 美味豬排火鍋 The One Deluxe Pork Steak Hot Pot with Rice 25.88
P2 一品牛肉鍋 The One Deluxe Beef Hot Pot 25.88
P3 紅燒牛三寶鍋 Spicy Beef Trio Hot Pot w/ Beef Brisket, Tendon, and Tripe 25.88
P4 泰式香辣鍋 Thai Spicy Seafood Hot Pot with Sliced Pork 25.88
The One Deluxe Hot Pot with a Bowl of Rice (Please Choose 2 Types of Hot Pot from the List lower portion

以上所有鍋寶均配有寬粉,青菜,豆腐,丸子, 一碗白飯
All hotpots come with vegetables, wide bean thread, various meatballs and a side of rice.

若白飯須換成寬粉, 細粉, 白麵, 或麵線須加收 $1.00
To change your rice to wide bean thread, thin bean thread, noodle, or thin noodle for $1.00

若對任何食材過敏, 請告知點餐服務員.
Please notify your server of any allergies or specific preferences.
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