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小 菜 Appetizer The one and only
  A1 滷菜拼盤(牛腱&牛肚&豬耳&豆干) House Special Cold Meat Combo 23.88
  A2 滷牛筋 Braised Beef Tendon 15.88
  A3 滷牛腱 Marinated Beef Shank 12.88
  A4 滷牛肚 Marinated Beef Tripe 12.88
  A5 滷豬耳 Marinated Pork Ear 10.88
A6 麻辣豬耳 Spicy Pork Ear 11.88
A7 夫妻肺片 Spicy Beef Shank & Tendon &Tripe 15.88
A8 麻辣牛肚Spicy Marinated Beef Tripe 12.99
  A9 滷豆干 Marinated Dry Tofu 5.99
  A10 燙青菜 Boiled Seasonal Vegetable 9.99
  A11 毛豆莢 Edamame (Soy Bean) 5.99
  A12 涼拌海蜇Cool Mixed Jellyfish 8.99
  A13 皮蛋豆腐 Preserved Egg With Tofu 6.99
A14 小魚辣椒 Deep Fried Fish With Chili Pepper 9.99
  A15 泡 菜 Pickled Cabbage 5.99
  A16 黃 瓜 Cool Mixed Small Cucumbers 5.99
  A17 涼拌腐竹 Cool Mixed Dry Bean Curd 5.99
  A19 海帶絲 Cool Mixed Seaweed Noodle 5.99
A20 紅油筍 Spicy Bamboo 5.99
A21 炸蕃薯條 Yam Fries 9.99
  A22 炸魷魚鬚 Deep Fried Squid Tentacles 12.38
  A23 脆皮雞中翼Deep Fried Chicken Winglets (6pcs) 12.38
  A24 鹽酥雞 Salty Deep Fried Chicken Nuggets 12.38
  A25 椒鹽雞膝Deep Fried Chicken Knee 12.38
  A27 雞皮酥Deep Fried Chicken Skin 9.38
  A28 炸雞排 Deep Fried Chicken 13.38
  A29 炸豬排 The One Deluxe Pork Steak 14.38
  A30 炸魚排Deep Fried Fish with Sauce 15.88
  A31 炸春捲 Deep Fried Vegetable Spring Rolls 7.99
  A32 炸甜不辣 Deep Fried Fish Cakes 11.38
  A33 香酥豆腐 The One Deep Fried Tofu with special Sauce 9.99
  A34 水煮油豆腐 The One Boiled Fried Tofu with special Sauce 10.99
  A35 關東煮(黑輪)Japanese Assorted Oden in Miso Soup 14.88
A36 紅油抄手 (8pcs) Spicy Wontons 10.38
A37 麻辣水餃 (8pcs)Dumplings In Spicy Sauce 10.38
  A38 煎 餃 (8pcs) Gyoza 10.38
  A39 香蔥蛋餅The One Green Onion Egg Roll 7.38
  A40 蔬菜蛋餅 The One Egg Roll with Vegetable 8.38
  A41 牛肉蛋餅 The One Egg Roll with Sliced Beef 9.99
  A42 肉鬆蛋餅The One Egg Roll with Dry Pulled Pork 9.99
  A43 黃金小饅頭Deep Fried Chinese small bun with Condensed milk 7.99
  A44 炸銀絲卷Deep Fried Chinese Bread with Condensed Milk 11.88
  A45 烤香腸 Taiwanese Sausage 11.88
  A46 蒜泥白肉 Sliced Pork with Garlic Sauce 12.88
  A47 蔥油餅 The One Pancake with Green Onion(1) add egg $1.00 8.88
  A48 大餅牛肉卷 The One Sliced Beef in Pancake 11.88
若對任何食材過敏, 請告知點餐服務員.
Please notify your server of any allergies or specific preferences.
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